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Life for Your Parents

Celebrating wisdom and grace in seniority.

The clichés about aging are long gone, as more older adults (in fact our very own parents!) are either still actively working, travelling, exercising their mental fitness by playing Candy Crush and staying in contact with their friends on social media. The widely used “senior citizen” term sounds all too patronizing – we’d call them pioneers of a new life stage making their presence felt in this digital era, and they too deserve to receive better insurance to protect their family and long-term financial goals. This is where Zurich SeniorGold fits the bill perfectly.

“I have too many years left, no matter how old I am!”

When older adults are deemed uninsurable by most life insurance providers, Zurich SeniorGold offers a great product. With guaranteed acceptance and no medical check-up required, Zurich SeniorGold allows older adults aged between 50 to 80 years old to seek suitable life coverage until they reach 100, so that they can continue living their lives to the fullest, knowing that their surviving spouse or children will not be left to pay for any outstanding mortgages and funeral expenses, should death dawns upon them.

How does it all work?

Zurich SeniorGold covers both natural and accidental death. The total coverage amount is subject to the entry age, gender and the number of units of insurance coverage purchased.

For example, a female aged 50 years old who has purchased 5 units of insurance coverage, her coverage amount will be 5 times the amount stipulated in the Sum Assured Schedule, i.e. RM17,397 x 5 = RM86,985.

Premium starts at an affordable level of RM50 per month and does not increase with age.

Those sound good, so what is the catch?

If death is of accidental nature and is due to war, civil war, terrorism, AIDS and diseases including dengue fever and Japanese Encephalitis, childbirth and miscarriage, provoked murder or assault, travelling as an aircraft crew, aerial activities, martial arts and racing, radiation, nuclear weapons materials, intoxication by alcohol and drugs, the policy’s beneficiary will not be eligible to receive the death payout.

Otherwise, the claims payout process is that straightforward!

Age is only a number!

Robert Browning once said: “The best is yet to be.” To all older adults out there, get on with Zurich SeniorGold so that you are assured that they can focus on being the best version of themselves, continuously find their life purpose and how they can positively influence those around them.

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